Enjoy with excursions and diving in Phi Phi Island


Villa 360 will bridge you to a profound connection and exploration of the paradise-like islands through our offers of exciting activities that will make the best out of your stay. Be mesmerized by the islands of Phi Phi which are blessed with the clearest water, breath-taking bays, amazing cliffs and rock formations & abundance of sea and forest creatures.

The prominence and irresistible beauty of Phi Phi Islands placed them as one of the world’s top vacation destinations and its growing popularity continues to draw attentions of adventurous travelers, see the wonders of the islands and fall in love with the place over and over again


Scuba Diving

Dig deeper into the wonders of the underwater haven      through scuba diving! The dive sites around Phi Phi     Island are the best around Thailand and in the world. The marine life spreads out from various colorful fishes, turtles, whales & sharks, charmed reefs & marine walls     and even aged ship remains! Make it more memorable   through underwater photography that our hotel offers.


Never miss a chance to snorkel as you stay here in Phi Phi Island. The translucent clear waters surrounding the island will surely convey you to a new level of appreciation for nature. Expect to see colorful fishes to wild underwater creatures dancing with the gorgeous coral reefs. Make it more memorable through underwater photography that our hotel offers.


Translucent waters are nearby so why not try kayaking? This relaxing and meditating activity will offer you with a rewarding experience once done successfully. While paddling, you can take advantage of the scenic views around you under the sun with sea air.

Half Day & Full Day Island Tours

See the best of Phi Phi Islands by having a full or whole day trip around it. Be sure to handle the consecutive breath-taking paradise-like sights of world-renowned Viking Cave, Pileh Bay and Maya Bay. Moreover, Bida Nai & Bida Nok are two of the few islets which are very popular for their diving sites that hold multi-colored coral reefs visited by a wide variety of fishes and each holds picturesque sights that will never miss to make you smile.

Boat to Bamboo Island

Reach the beautiful island which you can see from your villa: the Bamboo Island. This island (Koh Phai in Thai language) is a 30-minute travel by long-tail boat, gifted with white sand that emerges from the turquoise waters, the sights will surely take your breath away.


Go primeval but truly exciting, go fishing! We will take you to the prime fishing spots around the island and you will surely be thrilled of which fish you will catch. Enjoy the sunshine, relaxing view and fresh air while waiting for the bait to be eaten.

Jungle Walking

Another way of spending your holiday in the island is by getting close with the nature & mountains through trekking. If you enjoy walking, the journey to Viewpoint would take you not more than 2 hours, this popular trekking route in Phi Phi will drift you between the jungle and some parts of small towns all the way to the top of the island, wherein you can see the spectacular dumb shell shape of Loh Dalum Bay & Tonsai with the steep rocks of Phi Phi Don standing next.


The Art of Thai Cooking

You will never experience the fullness of Thailand unless you’ve tasted its flavors through its cuisines and delicacies. If you wish to learn the secrets and art of Thai cooking, our experienced chefs will take care of you and take hold of that culinary learning experience for your loved ones and friends back home. Discover that Thai cuisines are not only about “hot & spicy”, it is also the perfected way of balancing salty, sour, spicy & sweet seasonings and the wide array of Thai herbs and spices which make Thai cuisines exquisite among others.

The Art of Thai Carving

Create a masterpiece out from edible items; there’s nothing much more promising other than to taste the product of your handwork and persistence. Villa 360 offers Thai fruit and vegetable carving lessons which will upgrade your culinary expertise and skills. You can learn from simple to intense food carving techniques depending on what you desire. And finish your prepared dish by decorating a carefully carved fruit or vegetable whether for a special occasion or a simple surprise for your friends or loved ones.



Island Information

Bamboo Island

To escape the crowded beaches of Ton Sai Bay or Maya. This tiny island is nothing like its big sisters. Here, no high rocky peak. Just a small beach of white sand that emerges from the turquoise waters. As it is remote and less famous than the beach of Maya Bay, there is still some space on its beautiful beaches. But as always in Phi Phi, and especially during the peak season from December to March, First-come, first-served ! 

To watch the sunrise at Bamboo Island, alone in the world, camping tents can be rented on the beach. A small bar serves drinks and snacks. 

Bamboo Island has a "Evacuation Route" in case of imminent threat of tsumani. Refer to signs planted on the beach. 

Koh Yung (Mosquito Island)

is north of Ko Phi Phi Don. The island has a stone beach in the east and small sandy beaches at the foot of the hills. It is teeming with various kinds of colourful coral reefs.

Koh Hin Klang

Hin Klang is an underwater reef, or coral mountain Hin Klang Located 2km offshore right in front of Laem Tong Beach in the north of Phi Phi, it's 90m long and 60m wide. Crystal-clear water, lots of fish and colourful coral, this is one of the best places to snorkel.

Phi Phi Don

The largest and only populated island. You will not believe the amount of development this place has undergone, which is almost entirely restricted to the narrow sandbar separating two of the island's most prominent beaches. Marketed as a tropical island, the flurry of activity around the numerous supermarkets, restaurants, tattoo parlors and ATMs may just surprise you. Rest assured it delivers all the natural beauty it promises, amidst this rampant commercialization.

Loh Dalum

Idyllic, exotic, a tropical paradise – all of the above apply when seeking to describe Loh Dalum, on the opposite side of Phi Phi Island to Tonsai Bay. It’s only a 150-metre walk away but the atmosphere here is markedly different from that of its busy neighbour. Nightlife is more languid, late and laid-back and as for beach dining – well whoever has hurried a meal on the beach? There is precisely one shop on the beach itself so get your shopping done in Tonsai Village.

Ao Ling

Northwest of Loh Dalam Bay, the hidden cove of Ao Ling (Monkey Bay) is home to a colony of monkeys, not shy at all, who do not hesitate to climb onto the legs of their visitors in search of a banana. It must be said that several times a day, speed boats stop here, landed dozens of tourists who feed all the monkeys, then left immediately. The traffic never stops and the monkeys are waiting patiently. They are not afraid to move into the sea to get the precious bananas. The corollary is that animals can sometimes be aggressive if you did not bring food (we read it but did not encounter any particular problem).

Ao Ton Sai

Ton Sai Beach is a hidden gem on Phi Phi, not that many people really see it as it’s a walk away from town and at first the path doesn’t seem to go anywhere, but if you follow the path past the Cabana Hotel and behind the hospital you will find yourself in the local village area. Daytime it’s bustling as many of the day trips from Phuket pull up here and they stop for a few hours of swimming and eating. After 2pm the beaches are clear, the sands are white and the sea is turquoise blue. It’s not unusual to find yourself alone on the beach (this doesn’t happen too often on Phi Phi). If you walk to the end of the beach you will find a small set of bamboo bungalows available to rent, ideal if you intend on rock-climbing while you are here as they are just about at the base of the cliff face. Bring water and food with you, there are no shops. PLEASE remember to take your rubbish back with you, this beach is too beautiful to spoil.

Phi Phi Lae 

A smaller island to the south, popularised when parts of the movie "The Beach" were filmed there. Uninhabited apart from bird nest harvesters and a few Maya Bay wardens; expect plenty of tourists during daylight hours, especially in Maya Bay, also known as 'the beach'

Ao Maya

Maya Bay is a stunningly beautiful bay that's sheltered by 100-metre high cliffs on three sides. Inside the bay there are several beaches, most are small and some only exist at low tide. The main one is around 200 metres long with silky soft white sand, underwater colourful coral and exotic fish in exceptionally clear water; the whole bay is one big reef.

Viking Cave

Just to the north of Pi Leh Bay is the Viking Cave where swifts make their nests. There are some paintings on the walls of boats resembling Viking ships that are supposed to be ancient however they're more likely to be just a couple of hundred years old… if that. However, the Viking tag has stuck.

The nests are made by the birds from their saliva and harvested from February to April by locals who use rickety bamboo scaffolding to get up to them once the birds have finished nesting. The nests sell for many thousands of dollars per kilo and are used for the Chinese delicacy bird's nest soup.

Ao Pileh

Pi Leh Bay is on the west coast, the opposite side of the island to Maya Bay. Similar to Maya Bay, it has 100m vertical cliffs rising from the water. Most of the bay is in shade except at midday.

This long thin bay is pretty shallow and is only accessible to speedboats and longtails, it does not dry out at low tide and there is a very small beach right at the back that you can just glimpse if you're passing.

Very beautiful and excellent for swimming. At the entrance there are excellent snorkeling opportunities. 

Ao Loh Samah

Located on the south side of the island the only activity here is snorkeling which is excellent for discovering beautiful coral and tropical fish. Boats anchor in the shallow waters, swimmers feed fish and snorkel.

You can get to Maya Bay from here at low tide via a small hole through a cliff about one metre high and sometimes when the sea is rough from May to October this is the only way to get into Maya Bay.

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